Sunday, March 16, 2014

Virgo Full Moon

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VIRGO FULL MOON is here bringing lots of illumination of what has been in the shadows. As we move toward the Equinox, we are reminded to find our balance and hold steady. Remember who you are, stay in your heart and find that place of stillness within so that you can move forward and greet what comes your way with calm and compassion~
As we are all reclaiming our Sacred Cycle, at this Full Moon we will be honoring and celebrating our Moontime. Women have been honoring their menstrual cycle for centuries and now we take this precious time of self-reflection, cleansing and transformation back into our lives. By Celebrating our menstrual cycle and collecting all that we can find about the true meaning of a woman’s bleeding and the sacredness of this returning cycle, we bring back awareness on earth for all other women. We need to have the right approach for our beloved bodies and care for her bleeding with gentleness and compassion; by doing this we nourish ourselves on deep levels and live as a teacher for our children and for future generations. Once we commit to honoring our Moontime, we commit to honor ourselves. From this commitment, clean pure energy flows effortlessly. At this full Moon we will be celebrating all aspects around our Moontime, we celebrate all Moonlodges, The Red Tent Movement and all that is out there that reminds us of the miraculous beauty and Divine perfection of our Moontime. 

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