When a woman speaks her truth, fires up her intention and feeling, staying tight with the instinctive nature, she is singing, she is living in the wild breath-stream of the soul. To live this way is a cycle in itself, one meant to go on, go on, go on. - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

At some point in our lives as women we disconnect from our natural intuitive self, this journey is part of our current culture but many are feeling the call back to their wild woman state. I too woke up with the desire to reconnect and in doing so decided to take the learned lessons and share them with the many woman feeling the low vibrational state of their lives.

My journey to awaken the Kundalini happened with a jolt. I was living unbalanced male and female energy. My Goddess lay dormant as my life lessons unfolded in illness and pain. My awareness was kindly directed to the "Herione's Journey" by Maureen Murdock that began to awaken and balance my divine feminine. This began my teachings in Shaktism and eventually my Reiki practice.

When I found my wild woman, I had been searching for my higher self. May each of you find your higher self and dance with the Wild Woman Soul.


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