Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Moon March in Aries

March 30th marks the new moon in Aries. This has been a major time of transformation, we have come face to face with our fears and discovered a greater depth than we thought possible. As we begin this season of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), we are grateful for the shoots of personal power that are rising forth from the darkness. What has been dormant within, is now pushing toward the light to come into physical expression! We must continue cultivate and water our gardens with our attention and loving care taking concern with not overindulging and self regulating.
Its also time to set new intentions moving forward in our sacred moon cycle. Set your Intentions for what you wish to manifest in this new cycle, this new beginning marked by the New Moon. I urge you to gather as woman and honor the age of tradition of setting intention in a circle. Giving thanks to the lessons received and the outlook to come.

The mantra for this weeks astrology report from Kaypacha is

If I am to be a co-creator,
It’s my job to know,
What to water, when and how,
to regulate the flow.

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