Monday, March 31, 2014

Sacred Moon Cycle- Week Three

Week Three (day 15-21): Coming Down and Harvest Phase. 
Autumn energy.

Post ovulatory descent - can be positive or negative, a sense of pride or failure. 
May experience feelings of failure or elation depending on what you achieved from your creative peak in the few days after your egg has died unfertilised. 
"I lost my chance", "I feel useless". 
"I am so awesome, look what I did!" 

May feel relief or regret (at not being pregnant, literally and metaphorically). 
Feelings of wanting to get rid of unnecessary things around you or in your life. 
Wanting change. 

Things or ways of being that are no longer working for you show up. 
This may be confronting or a relief or both. 
Depending on how long you've been ignoring these promptings will depend on how you react to them showing up again. 

This happens to get your attention so you can let go of them in this and the next phase. 
"Everything seems to be hard", "Nothing feels like its working". 
"I've been so busy, I'm so glad I can rest now".

Week Three 
Celebrate what you have achieved, created, succeeded in this cycle and let go of what you haven't. Don't be hard on yourself. 
Start to notice the things that aren't working in your life in readiness to let them go with your blood. 
Don't start any new projects, rather finish things off.

-Jane Wardwicke Collins at

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