Friday, February 21, 2014

love and light

Let me introduce myself and this space as a place to share love and light. All are welcome to dwell in the shared words and positive energy. I have a daily mindfulness practice and continue to work on attaining a higher vibration for mind, body and spirit. I may post others art work or words but will credit where credit is due. Feel free to join my circle and feel grounded and peaceful. Some of you may need a reconnection to spirit or help through a difficult season in life or just for the joy. Hopefully what I share can touch each one of you with positive energy. Here is the first post:


Grounding Breaths

Take three deep breaths and know you are being held by the universe in each breath. 
Feel your aliveness and gift each breath gives.
Raise your arms above your head with courage as the positive energy flows down your arms, through the middle of your body, down each leg and ground you as strong roots into the earth.


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